WATERGATE: America In Crisis by Jules Archer

WATERGATE: America In Crisis

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Archer's review, particularly his conventionally optimistic conclusions and his estimate of Nixon's early career, clearly takes advantage of hindsight. A quote from John Osborne, for example (""In 40 years of reporting, no public figure repelled me as Nixon the candidate did in 1968"") clearly represents only one aspect of that journalist's ambivalent feelings. Purists might also argue that Archer, who presumably hasn't heard the actual White House tapes, takes liberties when he imputes emotions to the participants; do we really know that Dean was ""enthusing"" when he made that comment about ""What an exciting prospect""? Otherwise this is a terse summary of Watergate from the break-in to Ford's pardon and will be useful to those who never could make their way through the Presidential Transcripts.

Pub Date: May 23rd, 1975
Page count: 306pp
Publisher: T. Y. Crowell