FRONT LINE GENERAL: Douglas MacArthur by Jules Archer


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This is ""Doug"". Although everything in print at the adult level suggests that the dignified MacArthur would welcome this diminutive from associates about as such as he would welcome a chuck under the chin from a shavetail--for younger readers, he is ""Doug"". (Taken to the ridiculous limits of logic, Caesar may yet become ""Julie"" and Lee ""Bobs"".) Nevertheless, the account of the General's 52 years of service, if not the manner of the telling, reveals the fact that MacArthur was not just one of the boys. Head and shoulders above the crowd from the pre-West Point says on, this follows MacArthur through triumph and tribulation without ever focusing on the man's stature in relation to his times nor clarifying, to any real extent, the issues that made him a controversial figure. The fictionalized conversation further reduces the image of an unquestionably great figure.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1963
Publisher: Messner