WORK AND PLAY by Jules Romains


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Volumes 21 and 22 of Men of Good Will carry the story of Jerphanion, and to a lesser extent Japhez, further -- through the muddled years of the twenties. An electoral campaign takes Jerphanion into new channels, makes new contacts. Through M. Pousols-Desaugues he becomes interested in the suspected double crime of a mountain farm, and this mystery makes a thin thread of plot which is never consummated; the second part of the book centers the interest on another character, Haverkamp, newly rich, who is weary of his wife, and wants a divorce -- and who launches forth into an extravagant building and decorating project. The culmination of this, too, is left for another volume. Thinly plotted against a sense of unrest in France and Europe, long diatribes on the state of the nation and the world, on the threat of another war, on the hopes that a Socialist regime -- Popular Front government might sidetrack civil war and revolution. Motivation seems weak and interest lags.

Publisher: Knopf