THE WIND IS RISING: Vol. XII of Men of Good Will by Jules Romains

THE WIND IS RISING: Vol. XII of Men of Good Will

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This combines two volumes -- Part I -- The Gathering of the Gangs -- Part II -- Offered in Evidence. The period portrayed is France about 1928 -- with our old friends Jalles and Jerphanion coming into both parts, and -- retrospectively -- analysing and surveying their sense of disappointment and disillusion in their roles as arbiters of fate during the growing sickness of Paris. New emphasis on the stories of Francoise Maieul and her friend Margot, students at the Sorbonne, who give insight further into bourgeois Paris, of Jeanne Coislon and Nodiard and Douvrin. The second part is more introspective, philosophical and has less action than the first -- but leads one on to a modicum of curiosity, as Quinette, dying, demands a confessor for the story of his great crime...Defined market.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1945
Publisher: Knopf