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A first- and important first- scientific presentation of planned parenthood, this makes accessible medical information not only on the control of conception, but also on its stimulation. It is here, in the many new developments medicine has made to eliminate childless marriages, that the book makes its pioneer contribution- and this is also where the general public is least informed. In a consideration which is economic, physical, and psychological- Dr. Rock covers the knowns, and unknowns, of contraceptive measures; infertility, its causes and treatment; and many misconceptions about sex practices and habits, sterility, birth, compatability, etc. Much of Dr. Rock's concern is with the lack of facilities for proper information and treatment; the doctors- too few and too expensive for the average man; the limitations of the overworked hospital clinic; the inadequacies of your drugstore ""Doc""; and the need, nationwide, for organized birth control and fertility clinics, the need for public health service... A popularization in the best sense of the word, this crusades to override ignorance and provide information which benefits both parent and child.

Pub Date: June 22nd, 1949
Publisher: Random House