WOLVES AGAINST THE MOON by Julia Cooley Altrocchi
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A grand yarn, which fits neatly into the picture with Iola Fuller's The Loon Feather and will appeal to the same market, the one supplementing the other. The period spans those treacherous years between 1794 and 1812, when the borderland between Canada and the new territories of the United States shifted from French to English to American dominance, with the Indians still struggling to maintain possession. There is another book that demands a place in this panel, Louis Zara's This Land Is Ours, oddly enough set for the same publication day. This story starts with a New Year's Eve Ball in Quebec, where we meet Joseph Bailly, yearning for the adventures and freedom of the wilds, and the French temptress who got into his blood and poisoned it for years, and the ambitious, unscrupulous trader who became Joseph's bitterest enemy. It is a dramatic story that unfolds, -- shifting from Quebec to Mackinae Island to the Indiana and Michigan territories to New Orleans and Baton Rouge. There is tragedy -- there is romance -- and one can forgive lapses into the obvious, occasional passages that seem a bit ""dated"", because most of the book is fast-paced and direct, and all of it is good reading.

Pub Date: April 16th, 1940
Publisher: Macmillan