BLACK TIE ONLY by Julia Fenton


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A fatuous glitter novel about a Chicago hostess who throws a big party for Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Alexandra Cox and her wealthy hotel exec hubby Richard are like this with Chuck and Di (""Couldn't you and Richard fly over to spend a long weekend with us at Highgrove?,"" asks Di long distance, showing her characteristic ""bubbly warmth."" ""Week. ends, you know, we escape from all that tedium and boredom at Kensington""). Therefore, it's no surprise when Alexandra decides to throw a bash for the royal twosome when they visit Chicago. Invited are Alexandra's two best friends--and subplots--Mary Lee Wilde and Jette Michaud. Mary Lee is has written a tell. all book (""You have a way with words that's almost like a Leon Uris,"" says her editor glowingly) about her infamous mother, best-selling novelist Marietta Wilde; Jette is a sexy actress in lust with a mob thug named Nico. The three women share a deep, dark secret: on a schoolgirl visit to England years before, Jette was nearly raped by a caddish young Brit who was then killed in a car accident. The rest of the plot revelations are about on a par with this--Nico's mob pals are after Richard Cox; there's a crazed woman seeking to assassinate Alexandra's brother, Senator Derek Winthrop; and everybody and his silly brother wants to come to the silly party. What Fenton is really interested in, of course, is Charles and Di: ""He lifted her hand and kissed it gently, his breath a soft puff on her skin."" If Fenton (""a pseudonym for a prominent producer and best-selling novelist"") throws another black-tie novel, readers are best advised to send regrets.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1990
Publisher: Contemporary