DROVER'S GOLD by Julia Montgomery Street
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A perceptive story of a boy who realizes a unique dream. Set in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the 1880's, the author has captured both the regional and historical spirit in terms of language and content. Duncan MacGregor yearns to be a ""hog drover"", (swineherd), and plans to finance this dream with gold, that according to legend lies buried on the estate of old Mr. Alamander. The MacGregors, who own a combination farm and resting station for drovers, have great respect for ""book learning"", and have different plans for their son. Duncan seizes the opportunity of joining the drovers when they stop at his farm and he replaces young sick Shal Muldoon. Without warning his family, Duncan is off! From here on, he encounters, realistically, the joys and tribulations of droving. Later, with Shal, they receive a portion of Mr. Alamander's treasure after having earned it. With the historical innovation of the locomotive heading South, Duncan is forced to abandon his dream vocation, but he does so after having fulfilled a part of it. A warm hearted folk-like tale, filled with authentic mountain songs and customs.

Pub Date: Feb. 6th, 1960
Publisher: Dodd, Mead