HOUSEHOLD ECOLOGY by Julia & Pixie Burger Percivall


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Environmental pollution is rampant, ""mankind is an endangered species,"" we have only thirty (now only 29(apple)) years left to clean up the world, and ""We are all in this together, each one of us. . . . There's no opting out."" But what can ""one puny individual actually do?"" The answer, friend, is ""plenty."" Such as? Well, you should never put filter-tip cigarette butts in the john and you might return all those wire coat hangers to the cleaners' for recycling and join clubs devoted to the ecological cleanup and write letters whenever you observe something ""ecologically unsound."" Is that all? My goodness no! In your own home, even an apartment, you can start your own ""ecology closet"" for storing reusable items (plastic bags, bottles, old T-shirts); outdoors you can have your own compost heap (remember, use only fresh manure, then just pile on organic refuse, even your family's hair clippings if you go for home jobs). And use only natural products indoors and out: house plants thrive on stale beer (also a good snail repellent); Russian tea really does quite a job on potato blight. And you don't need any of those fancy drugstore aids either: wash your hair in yogurt (also recommended as skin pore toner); raw potato compresses will smooth those baggy eyes; a cucumber-and-milk combination is best for sunburn. Get the idea. Sure do. And did we tell you that five whole bulbs of garlic a day will cure laryngitis and that oatmeal packs freshen up the skin and that banana peel takes away warts. . . Yes? Have anything for a headache?

Pub Date: Jan. 21st, 1971
Publisher: Prentice-Hall