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THE LADY MOST WILLING... by Julia Quinn Kirkus Star


by Julia Quinn ; Eloisa James ; Connie Brockway

Pub Date: Dec. 26th, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-06-210738-1
Publisher: Avon/HarperCollins

Determined that his nephews will wed and gain him an heir, Taran Ferguson raids a ball to kidnap three heiresses as potential brides, but when he gets them back to his Scottish castle, he finds he’s mistakenly procured four lovely ladies—and a rather angry duke. Mayhem and romance ensue.

During a legendary storm, Scottish laird Taran Ferguson raids a neighbor’s ball and kidnaps four women and a duke, bustling them all back to his castle just in time for the roads to be blocked, impeding attempts from any would-be rescuers. Snowed in, the four ladies—Marilla, Fiona, Cecily and Catriona—become friends, share secrets and bare their bodies and souls to the men who are meant to love them. Labeled "a novel in three parts," the book is broken up into an introduction, three novellas and an epilogue penned by talented romance authors Quinn, James and Brockway. Chronologically integrated, with character and plot elements that move from story to story, the collection is well-balanced and brilliantly linked, and by the end, we are sold on this assortment of strangers and acquaintances who bond and mate in a few short days, yet in a classically fairy-tale way, complete with the hint of undefined enchantments and predestined romance. Despite the shorter form, each character is well-defined, with distinct and compelling flaws and strengths, and the matchups, missteps and miscommunications are perfectly pitched to tug on heartstrings and cheer for the promise of happy-ever-afters. Quinn, James and Brockway are all Regency legends, and they are at their best in this sexy, touching, powerful romance.  

A great read for anyone who loves a good romance, a must-read for historical-romance fans.