THIS IS ME, KATHIE by Julia Truitt Yenni
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Never Say Goodbye was warmly received. This shows a big step forward, is a far better integrated piece of work and a more skilful one. An engaging, poignant story of a small Louisiana town, with Kathie, homely, restless, pent-up emotionally, and always escaping to other worlds with her imaginative flights of fancy. An early marriage saddles her with realities and she finds herself blundering where she means to please, dreaming of far places when the train whistles. A windfall gives her a trip to Europe -- and eventual realization of her importance in her scheme of life. Homespun tale, written with subtlety underlying the apparent simplicity. There's tremendous appeal for young and old in the story and the manner of telling. Should be easy to rent and easy to sell. The sort of book that comes seldom and that deserves a break. You can make it a success.

Pub Date: July 22nd, 1938
Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock