THE AGING BOY by Julian Claman


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This is the story of Andrew Keogh, a victim of the American dream, his rise, his fall, and his final ascendancy. Keogh began life as the son of a grocer in Newport, Rhode Island, yearning for acceptance among the elite. He wins a scholarship to Harvard University, marries the daughter of a bank president, and joins a brokerage firm in Beverly Hills. Though he accumulates as per the dictates of the Bitch Goddess, he has lofty visions of travel, leisure, and creativity -- some time in the future. Meanwhile, he hates himself and his work. He drinks himself into near impotence and gets involved in a saloon brawl over his daughter's friend. Finally, there is one bad investment and he's left penniless. On a dirt road near the Mexican border, he is beaten into insensibility. His belongings are stolen. He attempts to call his ex-wife, but she refuses to accept the charges. He collapse and is nursed back to health by a family of migrant workers. Keogh becomes one of the family"", teaching the children of the workers their ABC's for $12.00 a week. And through it, the aging boy becomes a man, respects himself, learns to love. Overdone, over-written, but sometimes engrossing.

Pub Date: Oct. 4th, 1963
Publisher: Doubleday