GREAT ORCHESTRAL MUSIC: A Treasure of Program Notes by Julian-Ed. Seaman

GREAT ORCHESTRAL MUSIC: A Treasure of Program Notes

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A guide to more enjoyable and better informed listening of the greatest and most enduringly popular works for the orchestra from Bach to the present day, this volume is for the student or lover of fine music who seeks the history and background of a given piece of music, along with a glimpse or two of composers as human beings, and is good for radio, phonograph or television listeners as well as concert goers. The author and his assistants read as many program notes on each work as they could find--both in public libraries and in private collections and in each case selected the one they considered the best--whether it happened to be written by a famous critic or not. Not only symphonies and other major orchestral works are covered, but also the truly popular and lesser works such as overtures, suites, etc. A light and readable style adds to the merits of this highly informative book. Introduction by Deems Taylor. Mr. Seaman is the author of several earlier books on music, was former music editor of Cue Magazine and has been associated at one time or another with the music departments of most of New York's dailies. Volume V of the series The Field of Music edited by Ernest Hutcheson, President Emeritus of Juilliard School of Music.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1950
Publisher: Rinehart