WHICH WITCH? by Julian Franklyn


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This is a small dictionary of homophones-- words which sound the same but differ in origin, spelling and meaning (as against homonyms, which look alike too). They have been grouped here with definitions of their meanings, and then demonstrations of their differences. Namely-- accent, accent, ascent, assent-- ""Having his father's assent, he attempted the ascent of the peak, where the accent is on endurance, not speed, and he announced his failure in a broad county accent."" NOW, you may not agree that these sound alike but there's not much point in arguin' agin a man who tells you he is obstinate and unregenerate in his preface. Pun- dits will enjoy it (and he defends the art) and others will find divers diversions-- intellectual busy work for light moments.

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin