PERSONAL RECORD: 1928-1939 by Julian Green


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A ten year diary-journal, random notes, which is contemplative rather than intimate, giving Green's personal views on impersonal subjects -- the theatre, art, books, his own writing, catholicism, war, among others. I doubt if it will reach a wide audience here --it is both too French and too eclectic. Names here and there of conversations with Gide, a very close friend, Malraux, Cocteau, Dali, and other moderns. One gets a sense of the intellect of the man rather than the emotional aspects. His criticism of books and paintings is often stimulating but demands the reader's familiarity with a wide cultural range. There is also included a fragment of a projected book, where one sees again the mystical, unreal quality of the author. A speciality dish -- for those who know Green and who know French culture.

Pub Date: Nov. 3rd, 1939
Publisher: Harper