THE MIGHTY THOR: Missile in Readiness by Julian Hartt

THE MIGHTY THOR: Missile in Readiness

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Rockets are becoming the heroes of books almost more frequently than people these days. This latest example of the rocket craze tells the story of Thor---""the Workhorse of the Space Age""---and it follows pretty well laid-out lines in the telling. The author goes back to the inception of the rocket project in Los Angeles, tells how Brig. General Bernard Schrlever gathered minds, money, and material for the job, and analyzes the pressures under which the rocket group worked to produce a workable defense weapon against Russia Early Canaveral failures, then triumphs, have the familiar ring of so many stories of rocket experimentation there. What does make fresh and stimulating reading however is the story of how Thor went to England, how the rocket groups were received by the British people, and how the RAF adapted Thor for its own uses. Much credit---probably well-deserved---is given Thor for deterring Mister Khrushchev in recent years, and for keeping the peace. An interesting, professionally-crafted story which further documents the men behind the scenes of a dangerous era in history.

Pub Date: May 27th, 1961
Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce