NAJA by Julian Jay Savarin


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The supersmart helicopters of Savarin's gyrothrillers (Lynx and Gunship) make way for a turbocharged Audi Quattro in hot pursuit of an international hired killer--who's now in England to pick up a few cans of nerve gas. At the controls of the fast and agile automobile is free-lance photographer Gordon Gallagher, late of Her Majesty's nameless Department. The nameless Department handles those thorny international terrorist problems that named departments can't or won't handle, and the head of Department wants their old employee to do a spot of work for them. Seems that slippery global assassin Naja is on the move, and whatever he's up to has been the death of a shocking number of inland deep divers. Gallagher is perfectly happy with his photographic career, but he's enmeshed in the action anyway--thanks to a sudden, violent, and reciprocated infatuation with the very lovely Rhiannon Jameson, whose brother Chris, a nameless Department chap himself, does more diving than is good for him. Both Rhiannon and the Audi prove splendidly responsive in a weekend of sex and violence on the southern coast; but then the bullets start to fly entirely too close, and Gallagher must devote his attention entirely to the elusive Naja, who seems to want Gallagher to take up diving in the worst way. High-speed action. Lots of fun. Nice car.

Pub Date: Feb. 19th, 1989
Publisher: St. Martin's