VILLIGER by Julian Savarin


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Helicopter-action specialist Savarin (Lynx, Gunship) brings back earthbound but very fast-driving Gordon Gallagher (Naja, 1989) to take on a superrich weapons merchant. Retired British intelligence agent Gallagher can still shoot, but he works with a camera now, and his favorite weapon is his high-strung but immensely responsive vehicle, an Audi quattro. Still, he's the favorite operative of his old employer The Department, which seeks constantly to use him when they get into a bind. And there's a bind. Somebody with African connections has been angling to buy a half-dozen jet fighters. Whatever for? And Lady Veronica, an old flame now working for mysterious international industrialists, wants to take up again with Gallagher in the worst way. Whatever for? Gallagher has no wish to be involved and flees to a photographic assignment in the Netherlands, where he becomes involved anyway--thanks to old companion-in-arms Piet Villiger. The South African Villiger saddles Gallagher with protection of his colleague--a lovely but irritable young lady who has been shadowing Gallagher all around Amsterdam. As have a couple of agents from The Department in a Mercedes. As has a mysterious loner in a Volkswagen. At the epicenter of the doings--an immense yacht somewhere in the Mediterranean--floats the evil African-American arms dealer Mr. Behrensen, who has more planes to sell and other fish to fry. Gallagher will need more than a Minolta. Slick, fast fun in an updated-Bond vein.

ISBN: 312-05532-3
Publisher: St. Martin's
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