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KEEPING YOU A SECRET by Julie Anne Peters


by Julie Anne Peters

Age Range: 14 & up

Pub Date: May 1st, 2003
ISBN: 0-316-70275-7
Publisher: Little, Brown

Holland’s life is directed by those around her, her Mom, boyfriend, even her school’s career counselor. Discovering she’s attracted to the new, out-and-proud lesbian is not on anyone’s agenda, however. Not that all has been smooth for this student-body president, busy with job, swim team, and school. Sex with boyfriend Seth is a take-it-or-leave-it deal, but when Cece’s presence begins to cause an emotional reaction, Holland is stunned. Gradually the two girls become a couple; Cece pleads for secrecy and Holland acquiesces. The reason for the secrecy is slightly unconvincing, but Peters keeps the action flowing as Mom throws Holland out when she discovers what she’s up to, and Holland discovers more resources in herself than she ever imagined. Holland’s experiences will inform readers who are also discovering their sexual identity. Gay or straight, they’ll identify with the excitement that accompanies that first love affair. At the heart is the realization that secrecy can damage many relationships, no matter the connection. Revealing. (Fiction. YA)