TO NICK FROM JAN by Julie Campbell Tatham


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The publisher tags this for twelve-to sixteen: the theme and innuendoes make it a better candidate for late teens. A light, quite entertaining novel, strictly improbable with happy endings all round, this has a glib, slick, facile quality which will entertain sophisticated teen audiences. Seventeen year old Jan's upper economic strata family hit the economic rocks temporarily. Their big Hudson River Valley household, comprising beautiful older sister Liz, and three lively brothers, learn to tighten their belts and pitch in to run the household and gardens while their parents are away on business. Mac, Jan's older brother, is involved with a questionable girl, while Liz alternately is attracted and repelled by Colby, a sturdy worthwhile character who runs a neighboring horse ranch. Nick, Jan's hero, is a rich young man, whose hand was crippled in the war. As Jan helps him to learn to use his hand, he helps her with writing. This will probably have strong pull for girls who feel they've reached the sophisticated age; too, many middle class types will vicariously enjoy the aura of privilege surrounding Jan's milieu. It's pat; it's unlikely; girls will like it and it will probably sell. The three romances end happily as these upper-class adolescents mature.

Publisher: Coward-McCann