JILL THE PILL by Julie Castiglia


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My sister's name is Jill and I call her Jill the Pill because she bugs me a lot."" So Patrick, nine years Jill's junior and Pat the Brat to her, begins this catalog of routine kid-brother complaints. Jill monopolizes the bathroom, bad-mouths Patrick's worm farm, orders him to wash his ears, and so on. Patrick's bit of cleverness is to use Jill's talk of Equal Rights against her: ""If that is true, how come I don't have equal rights [to the bathroom, the TV set, etc.]?"" It's the sort of point a kid might score with relish, but without more diverting examples it still makes a one-dimensional picture book. Kellogg's stereotypes of a scruffy little boy and a primping, phone-chatting girl (in fat hair curlers, yet) don't arouse any interest in either.

Pub Date: Aug. 14th, 1979
Publisher: Atheneum