MORE FAST AND FRESH by Julie Dannenbaum


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Another collection of relatively easy and non-time-consuming recipes, made from fresh, unprocessed ingredients. Dannenbaum, a Philadelphia cooking teacher, speaks of the revolution in food achieved by her grown children's generation, and she adheres to the principles of that revolution without adopting the style. Beef is de-emphasized; fruits dominate the desserts, though usually with some sort of sweet and/or alcoholic sauce or glaze; and there's a spate of salads and several versions of rite pilaf. But Dannenbaum ignores both exotic spices and the kids' tahini-tofu cuisine, and she doesn't hesitate to use such new-nutrition no-nos as butter, sugar, and sour cream. The dishes harken back, too, with all these glazes (curry-glazed pork butt, vermouth-glazed eggs) and all those traditional meat combinations--pork with apple rings, Oriental pork chops (soy sauce and sherry), lamb pattieS with mint or eggplant. . . not to mention ""Maggie and Jiggs souffle"" (with chopped ham and cabbage). Many of the dishes can be round in almost any standard cookbook and some are as basic as plain rice, but Dannenbaum throws in some surprises (kohlrabi Dauphinois) and enough undemanding bright twists to pick up your weekly menus. You can please those grown children and Aunt Mathilda too.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1983
Publisher: Harper & Row