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by Julie Israel

Age Range: 12 - 17

Pub Date: June 27th, 2017
ISBN: 978-0-7352-2817-7
Publisher: Kathy Dawson/Penguin

Every day, Juniper writes about the positive and negative aspects of her life on an index card to cope with the hole in her life left when her sister, Camilla, died.

The two white sisters were driving home from a party on the Fourth of July when the crash occurred. Now Juniper is back in high school and has to face—or hide from­—her friends. The discovery of a breakup letter in Camie’s handwriting addressed only to “You” and the loss of one of her index cards send Juniper on a two-pronged mission. She resorts to dumpster-diving to find the card from day No. 65 with the help of local white bad-boy Brand and tries to figure out who “You” could be. Along the way she manages to channel her energy into an art project that helps her deal with her loss, but not before she interferes with the lives of several people by trying to fix their problems. Israel’s debut is pretty standard fare, full of well-worn tropes of high school life as background to Juniper’s first-person story of personal growth: bullies; distant parents; a guitar-playing, reckless love interest; a gay friend; there is even a school dance and a summer beach party to wrap things up.

Wound into the familiar narrative is insight into bringing closure to grief and the reality of untold, unknowable secrets. (Fiction. 12-17)