THE LAND OF BEGINNING AGAIN: The Romance of the Brazes by Julien Hyer

THE LAND OF BEGINNING AGAIN: The Romance of the Brazes

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A heterogeneous account- acenic., economic, legendary, historical, anecdotal- of Texas' Brazos River. The Brazos- perhaps named so for the refuge from Comanches its waters afforded to two early Spanish voyagers who consequently considered themselves to be safe, ""en los Brazos de Dios""- flows from the northwest to the southeast across Texas and empties into the Gulf of Mexico just below Houston. In a strongly romantic tone, Mr. Hyer, a long time resident and true lover of his land, rambles along the river banks giving the reader glorified but fairly accurate pictures of its trees, pasture lands, rough ranch life, oil wells, and a good bit of history. Merrit Mauzey, a well known Texas artist, has done a multitude of prints for the book, of longhorns, jack rabbits, old houses- in a style that is solid, massive, vigorous and in keeping with Mr. Hyer's eulogies. It is a sentimental book but one that will give pleasure to any man who loves Texas and knows the Brazos. And that's where its market lies.

Pub Date: May 19th, 1952
Publisher: Tupper & Love