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For the layman -- and the enthusiast -- this is the best $4.50 worth imaginable. Superb photography, excellent reproduction, a beautiful piece of bookmaking, this should be considered primarily from the pictorial rather than informational angle. Comparable to ""Jane's Fighting Ships"", it still lacks that professional, authoritative note that has given Jane's the place of honor as the standard reference book on the bridge. But the average man does not need a book for such purposes, and this volume summarises much of the information detailed in Jano's, it includes some data of more general interest, historical and descriptive. Inevitably, any current book lacks -- for the time being -- some of the factual details the enemy would like to know. This book is easier to handle than Jano's; the photographs are much more beautiful; the text is perhaps loss significant than the text in Critcholl Rimington's latest book -- but again these photographs have not been equalled elsewhere. It includes material broader in scope (for a single volume) than other similar volumes, -- not only ships of the world navies, but air craft carriers, flying boats, complanes, carrier-based aircraft, etc. As a piece of merchandise for the general trade -- tops.

Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce