THE HONEY COOKBOOK by Juliette Elkon


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From hors d'oeuvres to sweet sweets the innumerable recipes herein all contain honey in one form or another and they convey their author's enthusiasm not only for the sweetness obtained from flowers but for the how and why of its being. Prefaced by an introduction that explains how bees make various kinds of honey, the recipes following are grouped orthodoxly as cereals, waffles and pancakes; hors d'oeuvres, vegetables and entrees; barbecue saluces, pickles and relishes; fruits, sherbets and fritters; custards, puddings and pies; and cakes, cookies and frostings. Undoubtedly weighted in the direction of dishes you would ordinarily expect to be sweet anyway, there are nevertheless many tasty variations of these as well as some highly edible meats and main dish accoutrements. Many of the recipes have a foreign flavour; full use is made of dishes from Turkey, the Balkans and France where honey has long been appreciated. For cooks and diners with a potential sweet tooth, this should prove an enjoyable addition to the kitchen Shelf.

Publisher: Knopf