THE BEATLES: The Real Story by Julius Fast

THE BEATLES: The Real Story

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The only advantage this one has over The Beatles is that it is being published a few weeks sooner. This is strictly a Magical Mystery Tour through the archives of fan magazines and Mr. Fast even admits that his sources are inadequate--""winnowing the truth from the gags becomes almost impossible."" However, any biographer worth his royalties might avoid such fatuous observations as, ""It is very likely that Epstein, even though he professed amazement at the free publicity given the disk jockeys by the Beatles, was also aware that the disk jockeys were responsible for the Beatles' American success. However, Epstein always appeared a bit uneasy about his own role in the Beatles' success, and he was not secure enough to give others the credit due to them."" Kind of like the time the two Harlows came out, one suspects a hoped-for confusion.

Pub Date: Aug. 29th, 1968
Publisher: Putnam