BEYOND BROADWAY by Julius Novick


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The author, a modern drama teacher at New York University, spent the summers of 1966 and 1967 touring some fifty theatres across the United States. Most are fledgling companies, successfully established but beginning to run into middle-aged spread (theatre companies age fast) the honeymoon with backers and curious first time audiences is over. This is a book about ""organizations, buildings, budgets, programs, policies, and personalities, but ultimately, I hope, it is a book about art."" It is also an intensely personal book with Mr. Novick ready to criticize at the drop of a curtain. One would suspect that at least 50% of his judicious judgments could have been eliminated at no loss to his major points which rather get lost in all the trivia so-and-so should have lost weight before donning those tight pants on stage etc. etc. He gives a history of each theatre, development to performance along with his detailed production notes. Included are the mighty Tyrone Guthrie, the Cleveland Playhouse, Washington Theatre Club, San Francisco Mime Troupe, Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, Atlanta Playhouse, The Lincoln Center Repertory Company, the APA along with dozens of smaller regional theatres throughout the country. A bit more dash and daring, a larger repertoire with more flexible actors is what's needed. Nothing overwhelmingly original in this report, but those fifty companies will probably want to know how Mr. Novick liked the show.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1968
Publisher: Hill & Wang