A FAITH THAT FULFILLS by Julius Seelye Bixler
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The President of Colby College has here engaged in a lively and trenchant discussion of the relation of religion and intelligence. Starting with the mental and spiritual confusion to be found on the college campus, Dr. Bixler goes on to a general consideration of how a genuine and deep religious faith may be allied with the reasoning processes and powers. He takes sharp issue with Kierkegaard and his modern disciples because they would have us turn our backs upon reason. The essential message of the writer is that ""mind and heart can join in a faith which holds that God is first of all a God of truth, and that what leads to truth must lead to God himself"". This is essentially a statement of the position of the religious liberal, forcibly and tellingly made, a book for theologians and those interested in the religious problems of intellectuals.

Publisher: Harper