RELIGION FOR FREE MINDS by Julius Seelys Bixler


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Here is a book for liberals who argue they can't reason religion out, that they must be able to explain the faith within them. Professor Bixler is used to that. It's an old story at Harvard where he is professor of theology, but Harvard has no monoply of it. The world today is full of honest doubters and less honest arguers. Reason has been talked, so much that students begin to doubt and those who keep their faith feel apologetic. This is a swell deflater for the windbags and for the honest liberal; a thoughtful, intelligent study of the subject coming to the conclusion that it is entirely possible for the liberal to have a sound religion based on sure reason. Clergy, students, professors and trained minds will delight in the clear logic of the argument but the average reader will find it requires above average concentration.

Publisher: Harper