COURAGE TO CHANGE: The Life and Thought of Reinhold Niebuhr by June Bingham
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COURAGE TO CHANGE: The Life and Thought of Reinhold Niebuhr

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Analyses of the thought of Reinhold Niebuhr can be found in many places much as in the volume In the Liberty of Living Theology. The works of the man are in abundant supply and should be, for wrote seventeen books and fifteen hundred magazine articles, and the end is not yet. Many people know the man in one or several of his many capacities, -- pastor, teacher of Christian Ethics at New York's Union Theological Seminary for over thirty years, editor, participant in the fields of politics and labor. In Courage To Change, June Bingham has brought all this material together to make a very readable, interpretive biography of one of the great living theologians. Here are personal reminiscences, excerpts from letters, and a relating of the thoughts and writings of Niebuhr to the time and occasions which brought them forth. It's a big, interesting book, written for a very large audience. The tens of thousands who have felt the direct impact of Dr. Niebuhr's personality will all want it, as well as the many, many more who will find in its pages a guide to understanding one of the most significant minds of our day.

Pub Date: Nov. 20th, 1961
Publisher: Scribner