EMOTIONS by June Callwood


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The ""selected"" bibliography of this revised and updated 1964 book (published then as Love, Hate, Fear, Anger and the Other Lively Emotions) is a list of 159 titles by 154 authors, co-authors, editors, etc. Most of them are quoted or otherwise consulted in the text. So are an uncounted additional number of experts, historical figures, artists, journalists, philosophers, soldiers, athletes, politicians, etc. The emotions are organized under the labels Love, Hate, Fear, Anger, Courage, Guilt, Ambition, Depression, Anxiety, and Happiness. Callwood has written a chapter on each and made an even dozen with an introductory section on ""Emotion"" (singular) and a concluding one on ""Maturing."" Leaping sometimes artfully, sometimes not, from this one's dictum to that one's anecdote, the text skims along the twisty and bumpy road of human feeling. Under ""Guilt"" we learn that ""gangster Mickey Cohen had a hand-washing compulsion, and would shower, shave, shampoo and change his clothes several times a day; so does comedian Jerry Lewis."" A depressing statistic reported under ""Depression"": ""The emotional upheaval following a child's death puts such a strain on relationships that experts believe as many as 80 percent of marriages are destroyed or severely impaired."" As for ""Anger"": ""the last emotion left in a paralyzed or diseased brain is wild, strong anger."" ""Love"" takes a beating, as follows: ""Psychologists believe that mate selection happens in the unconscious acting on some old childhood associations."" The target of this shotgun attack? ""In the 1980's, statistics indicate, one in every five North American adults has an emotional disorder severe enough to disturb normal living."" That's a lot of people in pain--50 million, more or less. Suppose one half of one percent of them are somehow induced to dip into this compliation? Whew!

Pub Date: March 21st, 1986
Publisher: Doubleday