CABLE CAR by June Drummond
Kirkus Star


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What a heyday Hitchcock thriller this would make. Take the setting, a small Alpine village on the border of the Communist frontier, torn by terrorist violence on the eve of an election which will determine its fate--one party is advocating the building of a dam which will destroy the valley forcing the inhabitants to relocate. Into the middle of this controversy steps Paul Roman, local hero, WWII resistance fighter, now internationally famous engineer returning to his home after many years with his daughter Lisa and friend (her fiance) Steve. Paul, a mysterious, taciturn figure who has never discussed his past or the unusual death of his wife, is strangely affected by this homecoming. Baffling actions and incidents occur as the people wait for his judgment as to whether or not he will build the dam. But before he can make a statement, he and Lisa are trapped in a cable car suspended high above the valley and controlled by a madman whose motives are not altogether political. The past and the present fuse in a beautifully intricate climax. Suspense as taut as the cable itself. Live wire tale telling.

Pub Date: Jan. 5th, 1966
Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston