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EARLY HAVOC by June Havoc



Pub Date: May 20th, 1959
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

In genuine trooper fashion actress June Havoc recalls her childhood in vaudeville and her stint in a giant dance marathon. While full of zest and a certain zaniness it is also a little sad. At two she made her professional debut. At three she was in the movies. At five she was billed as Dainty Baby June by her mother who had left her husband to barnstorm the country with June and her sister Louise, who was later to become Gypsy Rose Lee. They stayed in third rate hotels, spent only a dollar for dinner and the situation never changed even when June was earning $1500 a week. But there are remembrances too of people and theatres and acts that were once glamorous, now simply theatrical history. At 13 she eloped but she and her 18 year old husband split up on the Coast. Then came the marathon, a depressing depression feature which was to last four months and net her only $50. She ends her story in her fourteenth year, on her way to Florida, vowing to be careful of everyone and everything. Not without its dramatic moments.