XPRNZ by June Luna


A very rich source of personal but relatable experiences of the author about anger, parenting, karma, sex, materialism, management and leadership, business, peace and harmony, politics and his thoughts about closeness of time or destruction of the world.
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A quirky, inspirational guide to living authentically.

In his self-help debut, Luna tackles the all-encompassing topic of life experience (or, as he puts it, “xprnz”). In digestible sections, he addresses several different topics, including karma, parenting, money, anger, politics, sex and spirituality, and guides the reader through his own life philosophy. In essence, Luna espouses the view that experiences teach lessons, and people can grow from them or, to their detriment, ignore them. One familiar but relevant lesson suggests that we should worry less because only the present belongs to us, not the future, and worrying only causes fear and potential anger. Throughout the book, Luna relies heavily on spiritual resources, specifically highlighting God’s tremendous influence, which may alienate readers who aren’t religious. In his ardent pursuit, Luna makes bold statements, such as “Research shows that anger causes cancer.” At another point, he downplays the importance of spouses having sex since “sexual union has to give way to a much higher-level union.” The book appears to be aimed primarily at a Filipino audience, which may make some subjects less accessible for Americans; one segment addresses why one shouldn’t upset house servants or bodyguards because they have insidious means of getting back at their employers. Mostly, the author recommends reasonable strategies, such as learning parenting skills through a “guided sharing of experiences among parents” and not mistaking material things for intrinsic self-worth. In the end, Luna’s most exquisite advice is also his simplest: a daily mantra of “I am a peaceful soul,” which he says can lead to a more peaceful life.

A potentially controversial but sometimes-wise self-help manual.

Pub Date: Aug. 30th, 2013
ISBN: 978-1468197754
Page count: 382pp
Publisher: CreateSpace
Program: Kirkus Indie
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