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When Love comes, adventure follows.

by June Pascal

Pub Date: Dec. 4th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1466392601
Publisher: CreateSpace

In this short debut memoir spanning just one year, Pascal depicts the progress of a romantic relationship.

Pascal meets Simon through a close friend, and she quickly falls in love. She’s mesmerized by Simon’s artistic aura and his connection to nature, and finds herself inspired and creatively charged by his presence. Early on, Simon suggests that they find a type of relationship that allows their love to remain undying and unconditional, similar to the way a writer finds the perfect genre for an idea. But Pascal’s feelings are hurt when she witnesses Simon’s affection for others, and she feels stung that Simon would flirt with another woman or want to enjoy the company of other friends without her. However, she soon realizes that her feelings and behavior are unjustified; she’s losing herself as a person whom others might enjoy and befriend. As she goes through a journey of growth and understanding, she discovers the hard truth that sometimes romantic chemistry isn’t shared by both parties in a friendship. She feels pain and longing after losing Simon as a romantic partner, but she comes to terms with the fact that one cannot force another person to become one’s mate. This memoir rolls through a series of dinners, parties and conversations with friends, and is sometimes unexciting in its recounting of quotations and emotions. However, it effectively highlights the moments and conversations most important to the author, and ends on a satisfying, positive note. It will likely appeal most to readers who have experienced heartache themselves, with its message that real love, if true, flows freely both ways.

A quick, lighthearted read about the trials of unrequited love and platonic friendship.