THE EICHMANN KOMMANDOS by Justice Michael A. Muanno


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Even after Germany was facing defeat, the war against the Jews in conquered territory went on. And the spearhead of this war was directed and executed by a group of cultured, highly experienced men in professional fields, the Eichmann Kommandos- or the satzgruppen, those men who were actually tried for mass murder. The first part of this book summarizes the philosophy behind the Nuremburg trials, discusses the various areas encompassed in the trials, the preparation required of the judges and the prosecutors, the mass of factual and documentary evidence available. The balance of the book is a minutely detailed record of the trials themselves prefaced by pen portraits of the men on trial and descriptions of the particular work in which they were involved under the Fuehrer-Order. Then the court proceedings, the summing up, the rebuttals and the verdicts. It is at times highly technical. But the horrifying details- as one million Jews in conquered territories exterminated, along with Gypsies and a sweeping inclusion of other undesirables- these should not be forgotten in a period of ""Let's forget and forgive"". Reader resistance will heavy. But the record is an important one, and Justice Musmanno, who was one of the judges, has done important service in making this record- along with numerous other documentary records of concentration camps and so on- available to the resistant public.

Publisher: Macrae-Smith