NORTH by Kaare Rodahl


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The only civilian-scientist member of Project Icicle writes not only -- and excitingly- of the plotting and planning for the settlement of the floating ice island, T-3, but also of the whole background of arctic life and makes very real the problems of the environment and the importance of the vast northern areas. With a history of polar exploration and the education in exploiting the phenomena of nature to the utmost, a study of polar life and the human factors, he contrasts the technical developments and modern research against the constant factors of cold darkness, diet and haphazard carelessness and goes into the fascinating story of T-3. The search for a suitable spot; the planning for the preliminary exploration of the island, the supplies and equipment and the details of the proposed camp; and finally the take-off and flight to T-3. And after hazardous arrival, the new challenge of digging in for a temporary test which was turned into success as the project continued and a permanent base established. From three men to 33, from tents to regular quarters, with electric power, full scientific exploration of all aspects of necessary information, this is a tribute to the Alaskan Air Command and the men who made a theory practical. A meticulous accounting (whose beginning was Life in 1952) of an unusual phase of modern polar exploration, this should satisfy the most demanding of house-bound heroes.

Pub Date: Sept. 2nd, 1953
Publisher: Harper