BONSAI: Japanese Miniature Trees by Kan Yashiroda

BONSAI: Japanese Miniature Trees

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This esoteric gardener's handbook sails in on a tide of interest in things Eastern- particularly Zen Buddhism and its expression in such arts as flower arranging, ""haiku"" and the sea ceremony. But apart from the current Zen fad, Western senses have always been both dismayed and attracted by the patience, ease and ritual the Japanese bring to creative pastimes. Western gardeners will marvel once again over this carefully detailed primer on the raising of Japanese miniature trees, cascading chrysanthemums, etc. The author, a Bonsai man of long experience, describes the ageless traditional styles and gives explicit instructions on how to seed, prune, artistically style and train the Bonsai-down to the iniest juniper (no taller than a king-sized cigarette.)

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1960
Publisher: Branford