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by Karen Marie Moning

Pub Date: Aug. 3rd, 2004
ISBN: 0-385-33825-2
Publisher: Delacorte

Brawny fairies strut their stuff.

But aren’t they supposed to be ethereal, wispy, tiny creatures? Not in Gabrielle O’Callaghan’s world: the supersized sprite she’s eying is clad in snug-fitting, faded jeans, a black T-shirt, and black leather boots. Buff and built, he also sports gold armbands around his powerful, rock-hard biceps, and boasts a strong jaw and aquiline nose—plus that luscious gold-velvet fairy skin. And, o-o-h, don’t forget some yummy stubble and decadently full lips. But what is this ultra-kissable hunk of . . . um, fairy . . . doing in the here and now? At least only Gabby can see him, but, gee whiz, her unwanted ability to perceive the fey folk is just driving her crazy. Her grandmother Moira advised her just to ignore them but it’s hard to ignore one like this. As it turns out, Adam Black is under a curse and not immortal anymore, so he can, you know, fool around with real girls. Is he being pursued by otherworldly beings known as the Hunters? Maybe he can find refuge in her arms, and, well, she wouldn’t say no to a kiss. Nothing doing . . . this fairy is horny. “Name your fancy, woman,” Adam purrs. “Is it bondage? A bit of spanking? Or just a good, hard . . . .” You get the idea. And so does Gabby, even if she is a virgin. Together they flee the awesome wrath of Morganna, the spurned and furious fairy queen, while Adam is stalked through several dimensions and suites in deluxe hotels by her minions, bent on bloody vengeance. Bouncing from the mist-shrouded realm of the Fae to the more prosaic locale of Cincinnati is no sweat for Adam, but it’s tough on Gabby. Talk about your long-distance relationships! And she’ll never remember all that pseudo Gaelic if Adam keeps whispering naughty things into her innocent ears.

Nonstop action for fans of paranormal romance: another lusty fantasy from Moning (The Dark Highlander, not reviewed, etc.).