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A slight, YA-style problem/romance novel--abortion's the issue--delivered in bright, fluffy magazine prose. Sarah and Jim are a couple of California college kids in love for the first time; they may be a little more ""serious"" than their friends (she's in engineering, he's in pre-law), but otherwise, cheerful, bright and very young, they're nice and unremarkable. . . until Sara accidentally becomes pregnant (despite careful contraception) and must decide what to do. Feeling pressured by Jim, and confused by supposed moral issues as well as by her own feelings of wanting a child (""But not now""), Sarah uneasily opts for abortion. Following the procedure itself (with detailed emphasis on physical pain), Sarah still can't seem to live with her decision; abortion is a choice she never quite admits was her own. ""It's not murder, but it's killing something,"" she thinks--and that something, here, seems to be her youthful love affair: Sarah and Jim, alienated by an experience he can't completely share, agree to stop seeing one another for the summer. And Sarah will finally reject Jim's belated proposal of marriage, engaged as she now is in a quest for independence (thanks to a summer job and a new boy in her old hometown). Bland and juvenile--okay for teenagers, maybe, but for few adult readers.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1981
Publisher: Delacorte