KALLOCAIN by Karin Boye


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This is a slight, occasionally provocative, account of a Little Chemist--What Now in the world of the future, long after 1984. Essentially it is science-fiction, in which he discovers a truth serum that is named Kallocain after him. Kallocain wilt enable one to read people's innermost thoughts which is hardly reassuring for the super-state. Among other things, people have rediscovered religion and faith in their fellow man. And Kallocain uses the drug on his Wife whom he suspects of having a lover. It all ends badly and is not particularly good in the genre. Its most interesting, and unexpected, feature is that it does not come from unregenerate Old England but serenely socialist Sweden. And it has been published as an addition to the Nordic Translation Series.

ISBN: 0299038947
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press