THE CHILD IN THE GLASS BALL by Karin Stensland Junker


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The unusual and affecting story of a Swedish mother's struggle to adjust to the knowledge that two of her five children were mentally defective, and to discover ways of expressing her love for her children and others like them. Mrs. Junker found that as she realized her lovely little daughter, Boel, was forever withdrawn into the sad little world of the ""different"" child, she kept dwelling on pre-natal premonitions. However, her own observations and the results of tests by doctors and psychiatrists who rendered the verdict, prompted Mrs. Junker to examine realistically the possibilities for helping Boel. A Scouts program to aid the handicapped is a start and Mrs. Junker soon finds herself transporting and aiding children who are deaf or mentally defective or both, like Boel. Eventually Boel's care becomes too much for the household and for her safety she is transferred to a small friendly home. Also there is the care of Anders, whose brain was probably damaged by a serious pre-natal injury. Anders is not withdrawn, but needs special help and is also placed in the home (some questions might be raised here). The doubts and the anguish revealed by the mother make this story a moving experience but her emotional approach precludes any attempt at a clinical study.

Pub Date: Feb. 10th, 1963
Publisher: Abingdon