THE THIRSTY LION by Karine Forbes


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An enchanting might-be-true tale about Melissa (seven), Bunny (six), and Kit (three) and a thirsty lion escaped from the zoo. Bunny was the first to discover Lionel, or rather Lionel discovered Bunny as the Lion was pattering through the woods in search of cool tonic to drink. Soon Lionel was established in the comfortable playhouse belonging to the children, but the children had not counted on such an expense, for Lionel consumed root beer and pop at a tremendous rate and was a pig about the children's own tonic. Finally Lionel, disguised in clothes and dark glasses, orders his own pop at the market, although his enthusiasm for the market is his undoing -- as he is apprehended puttering appreciatively around empty tonic bottles by the store manager and a squad from the zoo. Light-hearted nonsense.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1950
Publisher: Crowell