THE ARCTIC PILOT by Karl & Aage Schwarzkopf


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A sequal to The Alaska Pilot (1962, 11 J-11), this finds Joe Cross, airline owner, and his young nephew Johnny again flying junkers in the icy northern regions. This time they are performing test flights for the army. When Captain Carr refuses to buy their story of a mysterious island sighted in an Arctic bay, Joe takes off alone to prove its existence. The plane crashes and Joe, grateful to be alive, accepts the aid of the superstitious islanders. Before long, he is dubbed a ""god"" and requested to regain the treasure stolen by a rival tribe. In his strange search, Joe finds another downed pilot in the enemy camp, a resident of three long years. The two are trapped in the midst of a tribal squabble over some worthless baubles and just as they are about to be killed the musical sound of junker engines fills the air, with Johnny to the rescue. Even less credible than the first, this features little of the juvenile hero as well. Heminiscent of movie house serials, which after all went over with a bang.

Pub Date: July 18th, 1962
Publisher: Watts