DIVINE ADVENTURER by Karl August Melssinger
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This for the Josephus and The Jew of Rome market. A brilliant bit of scholarship in the recreation of the Eastern world in the days of the Babylonian Captivity, and in the spirited and dramatic weaving of the story of the second Isaiah. A youth, returned from a commercial trip through the cast brings his father news of a different source of wealth in jewels. He again sets out -- carrying a message which he feels is divinely sent, and he covers most of the then known world, trading in jewels, studying religions of Persia, India, Greece, and building with Cyrus plans for the overthrow of Babylon and the release of the captive Jews. His revelations come and go. Finally, when his worldly aims have been achieved, he settles in Damascus, and leads a full life following his craft of goldsmith, doing good with his science of medicine, and endeavoring to live up to the revelation which had motivated his life. The interest is sustained to the last. Very interesting and rewarding reading.

Publisher: Viking