EVANGELICAL THEOLOGY: An Introduction by Karl Barth


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When Karl Barth visited the United States in 1962 to deliver a series of lectures at the University of Chicago and the Princeton Theological Seminary, hundreds went to hear him, for it has long been recognized that his is one of the most profound, challenging and controversial theological minds of this generation. It is doubtful that many who heard him could fully comprehend, or long remember, the weighty and involved arguments by which his thinking reveals itself; quiet and solitude and ample time are needed to grasp and understand the message of Barth. For those who are able to follow him, this book, which is the amplified substance of his lectures, will be eagerly sought. Barth's theology is centered in God, Christ and the Bible, and is evangelical because it stresses God's encounter with man, and not man's discovery of God. ""Evangelical theology is concerned with Immanuel, God with us. Having this for its object, it can be nothing else but the most thankful and happy he writes. It is this spirit which illuminates all that Barth writes, and to the patient and reader, the reward is a share of the author's confident joy.

ISBN: 0802818196
Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston