THE WORLD: Its Creation and Consummation by Karl Heim

THE WORLD: Its Creation and Consummation

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Thirty years ago Karl Heim, scientist and theologian of Tubingen, Germany, published the first of a series of six volumes under the general title Christian Faith and Contemporary Thought. Their titles are an indication of the scope of this work: God Transcendent, Jesus the Lord, Jesus the World's Perfecter, Christian Faith and Natural Science and The Transformation of the Scientific World View. The intent of this far-ranging study is not the so-called reconciliation of science and religion. Karl Heim sees rather that the struggle of the 20th century is not between religion and science, but between Christian faith and nihilism. While this has obvious political implications in the struggle between east and west, Heim sees the alternatives facing the world today are according to the physical law of entropy, (heat--death), whereby energy is running down and equally dissipated throughout space, all grinding to a lifeless hall of equilibrium, or transformation through the power of Christ's that finally God will be all in all. The casual reader, untrained in the thinking of philosophical speculation will get discouraged early in the pages of this but the serious and trained student of man and his predicament will find this analysis of the end of this present age, and the future of the world in the light of the Resurrection, a welcome source of light which shown that all is not as black as the existentialist- fatalist would have us believe.

Publisher: Muhlenberg Press