HITLER'S GERMANY: The Nazi Background to War by Karl Loewenstein

HITLER'S GERMANY: The Nazi Background to War

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Interesting to read with Sternberg's From Nazi Sources (Alliance: see page 465). The two supplement each other; where one analyzes the resources of Germany, internal and external, the other studies Germany's structure. The Loewenstein book is not conducive to optimism. He sees the German state as a perfected instrument which can resist everything but defeat, an instrument prepared for inevitable war, with almost every loophole stopped, and a machinery of government which strangles in advance any possibility of independent thought or action, -- an inverted pyramid of which Hitler is the apex. The Catholic Church is the one stronger power; but revolt from the church -- Protestant or Catholic -- is slow to move and difficult to use. Defeat of the Western Powers -- or a stalemate -- would be entrenchment of dictatorship; defeat of Germany on her own ground would be the only solution.

Pub Date: Nov. 8th, 1939
ISBN: 1164485407
Publisher: Macmillan