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A simple and short -- which is not to belittle it -- descriptive book about anger in the individual, directed at a relatively uninformed audience by a professor at the Medical College of Pennsylvania. Anger is revealed in many facon de parler commonplaces (you may be annoyed or fed up or sick and tired or disappointed or blue -- they're all forms of being angry); you are angry from infancy on in situations entailing competition, rejection, and frustration but if it is controlled or converted into constructive outlets (work, sports, spectator sports) all is well. Anger too is a large part of sexual aggression. However when inverted, it results in many physical injuries (headaches, g.i. disorders, ulcers, stress, etc.) and psychic disorders -- depression and suicide which Dr. Madow (others might not agree) sees as the ""ultimate expression of anger turned against the self."" Dr. Madow uses Freudian ground rules throughout and there are four primary countermeasures -- recognize it, identify its source, understand it, handle it.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1971
Publisher: Scribners